Connecting Remote Canadian Businesses with OneWeb LEO Satellite Technology

OneWeb LEO Satellite Technology
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A critical challenge reverberates in Canada’s vast northern expanse – reliable connectivity in remote areas. As digital demands grow, this need stretches beyond bustling cities to the most secluded corners of the country. But how can we bridge this digital divide in areas traditional ISPs can’t reach?

The answer lies in the stars. Enter OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite technology. In partnership with Galaxy Broadband, OneWeb is revolutionizing connectivity across Canada, bringing high-speed internet to remote businesses. So prepare for a journey into the future of digital connectivity because we’re just getting started.

Transforming Connectivity with OneWeb’s LEO Satellite Technology

Traditional satellite systems operate in a geostationary orbit, 36,000 km above Earth, resulting in less than stellar latency. In contrast, OneWeb’s LEO satellites orbit much closer, at around 1,200 km, significantly reducing latency to less than 140ms round trip. This advancement produces fiber-like performance, with download speeds reaching 150 Mbps.

But the innovation continues beyond speed and latency. OneWeb’s technology is about creating a resilient and secure network that’s always on. It’s about advanced connectivity management with Committed Information Rates (CIR) with SLAs such as guaranteed packet delivery and flexible unlimited bandwidth connectivity options. It’s about supporting all cloud, video collaboration, voice, and latency-sensitive applications and ensuring seamless coverage with no more barriers to access in remote or rural areas, including Canada’s Arctic.

Some of the following industries, in particular, are benefitting from these advancements:

  • Oil & Gas: Ensures real-time data monitoring and effective team communication, even in challenging environments. 
  • Mining: Allows for real-time monitoring of operations and equipment, enabling remote site management. It also supports the implementation of new software and applications and facilitates the deployment of semi-autonomous equipment.
  • Construction: Facilitates seamless communication, real-time sharing of high-resolution blueprints and 3D models, and drone technology for site inspections.
  • Utilities: Powers smart grid applications, real-time energy infrastructure monitoring, and efficient dispatch of repair crews based on live data.
  • Government and Commercial: Enable operations of essential services in remote communities, increases safety and security, and broadens the reach of e-commerce businesses.

OneWeb’s Partnership with Galaxy Broadband

Galaxy Broadband and OneWeb have joined forces to revolutionize internet connectivity in Canada. This dynamic duo has achieved remarkable success for over two years with more than 100 deployments nationwide.

This collaboration intertwines Galaxy’s 30-year-long expertise in providing remote communication solutions with OneWeb’s state-of-the-art Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite technology. The result is high-speed, reliable internet reaching every corner of Canada, from bustling cities to remote areas in the Arctic.

What’s more, this connectivity transformation transcends industry boundaries. Whether it’s energy producers, mining companies, construction firms, or utility providers, the benefit of enhanced connectivity is open to all sectors. This partnership heralds an era of greater connectivity, promising Canadians a brighter, more connected future.

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Platform and Network Features

The LEO Satellite Technology isn’t just about speed and reach; it’s about delivering a comprehensive platform that addresses the unique needs of remote businesses. Let’s break down the key features:

  • Easy Deployment: It’s designed for swift Canada-wide deployment, with simple rooftop hardware installation and flexible service plans. This means businesses can be up and running quickly without complex infrastructure.
  • Fibre-Like Performance: With latency under 140 ms and download speeds up to 150 Mbps, it offers a performance that matches fibre connections. Whether real-time applications, cloud architectures, or data-heavy tasks, businesses can expect reliable and resilient connectivity.
  • Advanced Connectivity Management: The system offers flexible, scalable site connectivity options with guaranteed packet delivery and 4 levels of Quality of Service. In other words, businesses can customize their connectivity to match their needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.
  • Seamless Coverage: With LEO satellites, there are no more barriers to access in remote or rural areas, including Canada’s Arctic. This means businesses can operate effectively wherever they are, free from the constraints of traditional internet coverage.

Unraveling the Enterprise Advantage with OneWeb & Galaxy Broadband

The alliance between OneWeb and Galaxy Broadband redefines enterprise-grade connectivity, offering a slew of benefits curated to match the specific needs of large businesses. Here’s why this partnership stands out:

  • High-Speed Connectivity: Offering a high-speed connection vital for the swift execution of various operations, from supporting real-time video conferencing to transferring large data files in record time. For instance, sending complex, high-resolution 3D models across continents can be as swift as sharing a local document.
  • Low Latency: Utilizing LEO technology, this partnership ensures minimal latency, paving the way for real-time application usage. The difference is noticeable when seconds matter, like a global team working on a financial transaction that requires instantaneous feedback.
  • Comprehensive SLAs: The promise of reliable and consistent service is backed by robust Service Level Agreements. Businesses can rest assured knowing that their connection quality and reliability meet set standards, ensuring seamless operations around the clock.
  • Prioritized Traffic Management (QoS): OneWeb and Galaxy Broadband offer Quality of Service capabilities, enabling businesses to prioritize critical applications. For example, video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams can be given bandwidth precedence during crucial meetings, ensuring smooth, uninterrupted communication.
  • Dedicated Bandwidth: With dedicated bandwidth, businesses can maintain a steady high-speed internet connection, irrespective of their data transfer requirements. This becomes vital during high-traffic periods or for organizations with heavy data transfer needs like a film studio uploading large CGI renders to cloud servers.
  • 24×7 technical support from our NOC engineers, provides worry-free operation and can assist in production expansion and help manage the link with alerting and reporting.

While other providers in the market, such as Starlink, provide only a best effort service, but it is the  dedicated enterprise-oriented services that set the OneWeb and Galaxy Broadband partnership apart.

Modern space probe from OneWeb's LEO Satellite Technology orbiting near a rotating planet, enabling remote connectivity in Canada.

Future of Satellite Communication: Sky's The Limit

As ground-breaking as LEO Satellite Technology is, we’re only at the beginning. With rapid technological advancements, the future holds even more promise for remote connectivity.

On the horizon is “beam-hopping” technology, enabling satellites to adjust communication signals based on customer needs. This opens up possibilities for enhanced coverage in high-demand or emergency situations.

Integrating LEO satellites with Private 5G/LTE networks is another exciting solution from Galaxy that delivers lightning-fast, low-latency connectivity  Integrated into the leading edge delivery and coverage technology. This allows facilities like a mine or warehouse to control, track, and operate with more accuracy, volume, autonomous and remote access than ever before, making them safer and more efficient and profitable.

As more players enter the field, competition will fuel further innovation, improving efficiency, service quality, and affordability.


OneWeb’s partnership with Galaxy Broadband, through Low Earth Orbit satellite technology, promises a digital revolution for Canada’s remote regions. This technology offers rapid deployment, seamless coverage, and advanced connectivity, transforming business operations across various industries. As we usher in this new era of connectivity, the horizon is bright for Canada’s remote businesses. Stay tuned for more on how this space-age technology reshapes our digital future.

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