Galaxy Broadband Discusses the Evolving Satellite Landscape On MSUA’s Game Changers

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The Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA) is a global platform promoting mobile satellite industry innovation and development.  In their insightful “Game Changers” series, MSUA President Lisa Dreher had a dynamic conversation with Doug Harvey, VP of Business Development & Marketing at Galaxy Broadband, to explore the latest trends and shifts in satellite communications.

Meet the Experts

  • Lisa Dreher: President of MSUA, Lisa brings over 25 years of experience in business development, product management, and marketing within the new space, satellite, and ICT industries. Her work focuses on helping startups and established enterprises grow and develop strategic partnerships.
  • Doug Harvey: A seasoned industry veteran, Doug possesses a wealth of experience in sales, marketing, and business development within the satellite communications sector. He has shaped the Canadian satellite landscape for over two decades.

The Rise of LEO and Comms on the Go

Galaxy Broadband is embracing the shift towards LEO satellites to address the “demand for increased speed and reduced latency with a focus for Comms on the Go.” Their partnership with OneWeb, where Galaxy is the largest Canadian distribution partner, positions them to offer cutting-edge fixed and mobile services with the option to combine LEO and GEO coverage.

“The LEO satellite is now often becoming the primary and LTE is the backup,” notes Doug Harvey. This shift underscores the advantages of LEO, especially in industries demanding reliable communications even in harsh weather conditions where terrestrial networks may get disrupted.

Beyond fixed services, Galaxy’s Mobile Commercial Network (MCN) targets those requiring mobility. MCN delivers a secure national network with features like static IPs, a dedicated network slice, impressive pooled bandwidth, and 24/7 support.

Galaxy’s MCN integrates seamlessly with OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network to provide secure coverage nationwide. This integration gives organizations the flexibility to choose solutions based on their needs. Additionally, GalaxyOne combines LTE, Starlink, and LEO for even greater reliability, ensuring seamless failover capabilities.

Galaxy MCN is designed to meet the unique challenges of various industries, including:

  • Rail Networks: Supporting smooth train operations, enhancing communication, prioritizing safety, and enabling robust monitoring.
  • Public Transit: Ensuring dependable connectivity for buses and transit services to promote efficiency and rider experience.
  • Maritime: Providing communication solutions that operate reliably in challenging maritime environments.
  • Fleet Management: Enabling seamless switching between LTE and LEO satellite for failover and broader capabilities to manage fleets effectively.

Resilience for Critical Operations

Doug emphasizes LEO’s inherent advantage for emergency and mission-critical sectors, “…The LEO service is preferred for emergency services as local tower distribution like cellular are often damaged or not accessible during major events.”

The Canadian Arctic perfectly exemplifies Galaxy’s expertise in challenging environments. For over a decade, Galaxy has provided vital communication links, enabling operations that were previously impossible in the region. The company’s long-standing work with the Canadian Navy illustrates its commitment to robust connectivity even under extreme circumstances.

Partnerships are Key

“Partners have always played a major role in Galaxy’s business…We need key technology partners,” states Harvey.  Galaxy understands the power of collaboration to deliver the best solutions. Here’s how they leverage partnerships:

  • Technology Leaders: Intellian (antennas), Kymeta (flat panels), and Hughes (flat panels) are crucial for hardware to deliver LEO/GEO services.
  • Market Reach: Resellers and integrators form the backbone of Galaxy’s localized support and market penetration, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

Looking Forward

Galaxy Broadband has a history of pushing boundaries in satellite communications. Their forward-thinking strategy is focused on harnessing emerging technologies and redefining what’s possible. Here’s a glimpse into their vision of the future:

LEO Exploration and Adoption

“Galaxy is the leading company partnered with OneWeb for connectivity… we will be testing out all the new flat panel companies’ products that will really be the driver to market expansion and meeting companies’ demands.”

Galaxy is committed to thorough testing and embracing the best of emerging LEO technologies. Their goal is to align with the most effective solutions for their customers’ diverse needs.

Redefining Global Coverage

“Another change is the New definition of Global coverage. It is now from pole to pole for true Global coverage.”

Galaxy recognizes that connectivity needs extend well beyond traditional coverage areas. By partnering with LEO providers and leveraging GEO systems, they aim to extend reliable communications to every part of the planet.

Enhanced Connectivity with GalaxyOne Bonding

“The third item that is a game changer is our GalaxyOne Bonding that combines multiple WANs into one link for faster and fatter links with built-in resiliency.”

Galaxy understands the importance of uninterrupted service. Their innovative GalaxyOne Bonding solution demonstrates a commitment to reliability and optimized performance by seamlessly merging multiple networks for speed and redundancy.

LEO/GEO Integration

“LEO/GEO integration that provides seamless services”

This area is top-of-mind for Galaxy. They see the value in effortless satellite switching, enhancing the reliability and flexibility of their offerings, especially for use cases where uninterrupted communications are crucial.

Satellite Direct-to-Cell

“Satellite direct to cell. Satellite will hand over to satellite and from satellite to cell. Today Apple iPhone can make an emergency call over satellite (Global Star). We are interested in seeing where that is going based on the phones and the service.”

While still developing, Galaxy Broadband is intrigued by the concept of integrating satellite directly with cellular devices. They understand the potential for offering expanded services and are closely monitoring the technology’s evolution.

Ready to explore how satellite communications can transform your operations?  Discover Galaxy Broadband’s comprehensive LEO and GEO solutions, designed for speed,  reliability, and global coverage. Explore the rest of the website for in-depth information and real-world success stories.

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