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For 30 years, Galaxy Broadband has provided Canadian companies with enterprise satellite broadband and terrestrial wireless connectivity services. The company “is one of Canada’s largest telecommunications working with the Canadian Energy industry for over 25 years, providing reliable, affordable, and innovative enterprise communications to remote locations where no fibre optic or microwave coverage exists.”

Galaxy Broadband recently partnered with OneWeb to provide the next generation of telecommunications technology and will be accessible to Energy companies throughout Canada in 2022.

Rick Hodgkinson, Galaxy Broadband’s president and CEO speaks of OneWeb system as “ a transformational service made possible by recent advances in technology, it will open the door to enhanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) which touches all aspects of the upstream and downstream segments such as procurement, health and safety and accounting plus more and more automation at the site, with increased connectivity speeds allowing for more operations to be undertaken remotely, reducing the costs of moving staff back and forth between remote locations”.

This new technology compared to traditional technology “traditional satellites orbit at around 37,000 kilometers, OneWeb LEO satellites orbit at altitudes as low as 1,200 km, which provides a much lower level of latency when transmitting data.” In addition, Galaxy will be offering SMARTSITE Service which is a completely integrated communication and network solution where you can connect all your office staff, production worker, IoT devices and moral services. Galaxy will manage the bandwidth consumption and maximize Quality of Experience. Quality of Service can also be implemented to prioritize operational traffic to communicate reliability between the corporate offices and remote site.

Smartsite components will include Wi Fi coverage for computers, tablets, and handhelds. Point to point connections to extend the network with multiple VLans to separate corporate, SCADA and morale traffic. Full PBX Phone services to full service calling through PoE and cordless phones. A secure network using NGFW firewalls and end point security to protect against cyber attacks.
Integrated internal switching through managed firewalls, access points and switches. Smartsite delivers a high performing completely secure network. True next generation performance, monitoring and support via Oneweb services

The improved connectivity will also allow energy companies to deploy video applications that would help them meet their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives, he noted.

“With the increasing focus on ESG, the ability to share live video feeds with investors from a remote site is a pretty powerful tool to demonstrate a company’s ESG credentials,” he noted. “We’ve also had discussions with companies around sharing their internet access with local communities, which is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity for these communities.”

Galaxy can implement solutions to protect people and assets through two-way radio, video monitoring, and electronic security with door locks. Environmental protection can be implemented through connected IoT devices that deliver real-time measurement and logging with automated recording and reporting of results.

With OneWeb and SMARTSite , Galaxy can assist with today’s economic and social responsibilities for Boards and C suite members. It will also reduce the requirement to have highly trained IT professionals located at the remote site to monitor and remediate incidents during operations.

Hodgkinson said the partnership with OneWeb allows Galaxy Broadband “to provide even better support for the security of their employees and assets and improved data protection. Along with Galaxy’s Smart Site solution including private wireless networks; sites can enable the Internet of Things (IoT) applications and enhanced connectivity to remote sites.”

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