Connecting the Future of Transportation

Galaxy’s comprehensive Fleet communication solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with the dynamic demands of the fleet industry, ensuring a connected journey from start to finish. Whether it’s optimizing logistics, improving worker efficiency, or bolstering safety measures, Galaxy’s connectivity solutions pave the way for the future of fleet management. Our solutions empower enterprises and operators to more effectively monitor, analyze, automate, and manage their large-scale connected fleets, ensuring a streamlined and efficient operation.
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Connecting the Future of Transportation

Galaxy’s Mobile Commercial Network (MCN) ensures uninterrupted connectivity for fleets, integrating Static IPs, OW Network slice, and pooled bandwidth. The launching of the OneWeb flat panels plays a crucial role in this, integrating OneWeb’s LEO satellite network for enhanced security and cost-effective shared data.

Stay connected anywhere with the Kymeta Hawk u8, enabling Galaxy to deliver seamless land internet connectivity for both stationary and mobile use. Experience lightning-fast, low-latency, and high-bandwidth connectivity through our partnership with OneWeb’s LEO network. The Galaxy Flat Panel revolutionizes your on-the-go connectivity, perfect for remote and mobile scenarios. Explore the future of connectivity – connect with Galaxy Broadband today!

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Bonding Solution for Faster, Robust Networks

Galaxy offers Eutelsat OneWeb’s Cutting-Edge Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite Technology for any fleet operation, featuring carrier-agnostic solutions, 80% reduced latency, and built-in redundancy. Our bonding solution seamlessly combines LTE with OneWeb, providing “out of coverage” failover and expanded capabilities. Eutelsat OneWeb’s satellite network ensures secure, real-time connectivity, seamlessly complementing and strengthening existing networks, especially in isolated and complex environments.

Connected Vehicles and Fleet Management

In today’s connected world, Galaxy ensures that your fleet is always online, providing vital data for effective fleet management. Our solutions offer:

Fleet Tracking:

Effortlessly monitor drivers, routes, and overall fleet performance, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Vehicle Maintenance and Health Status:

Stay on top of maintenance checks and needed fixes with real-time insights into vehicle health, ensuring your vehicles remain on the road and operational.

Analyze Fleet Performance:

Unify business processes, maintain data accuracy, and gain deep insights into fleet performance to enable detailed business decisions. Galaxy's solutions redefine fleet management, enhancing efficiency and ensuring vehicle longevity.

Enable Better Fleet Management:

Our solutions empower better driver, vehicle, and asset management, providing comprehensive tools for optimal fleet performance.

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Relevant Solutions For Fleet

Mobile Commercial Network (MCN)
Galaxy introduces Mobile Commercial Network (MCN), a dedicated service designed to provide businesses with a secure national mobile network.
OneWeb LEO
Galaxy has a team of experts ready to address your connectivity concerns and show you a better way to access cloud applications with low-latency and high-throughput, in a safer more sustainable connection.
Back Up/Failover Solutions
Businesses today cannot afford to be offline for any period of time and suffer the losses and inconvenience that are a result of this.
Satellite GEO
The most expansive GEO satellite network in Canada
Private 5G
In collaboration with Nokia’s carrier-grade Private 5G platform, Galaxy brings you robust, reliable, and secure low-latency connectivity, revolutionizing remote sites across Canada.

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Galaxy provides Canada’s leading enterprise customers with complete remote communication solutions. We work hard to understand our customer’s needs and engineer solutions to deliver the best Quality of Experience (QoE) to ensure we are meeting budgets and timelines.

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Galaxy Portfolio Service Offerings

Galaxy Portfolio Service Offerings

Talk to us about your Fleet business’ remote communication needs and we will deliver a high-performance solution on time, on budget, and with a guaranteed service level agreement.

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