Proudly Canadian: Please Support the Terry Fox Run on September 18th – A Message from Galaxy Broadband Communications

Proudly Canadian: Please Support the Terry Fox Run on September 18th – A Message from Galaxy Broadband Communications
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An Inspiration to All Canadians

Galaxy Broadband Communications Inc. prides itself in being a Canadian company with over thirty years of experience in providing telecommunication services to remote locations. Rick Hodgkinson, President, and CEO started life in Northern Alberta, got his first taste in providing satellite services to remote camps over forty years ago. Throughout the years moving around Canada and now finally residing in Southern Canada in the St. Catharines area. As Rick states, “Everyone that works for Galaxy are proud Canadians and understand how very lucky to live and work where we do. There are plenty of opportunities to be successful.”

With a company that includes truly proud Canadians there is something everyone in the company believes and supports in the month of September and that is the Terry Fox Run. A run that over the last forty years has raised over $850 million for Cancer Research. This year the run in scheduled on September 18th, 2022. There are many ways someone can participate according to a person can participate as part of a team, a participant, a supporter, or a volunteer on the day.

For those of us that lived through his Marathon of Hope his goal as an 18-year-old man, was truly impossible, to run across Canada to raise money in search for a cure for cancer. Terry completed 143 days, averaging 42 km per day with a distance completed of 5,373 km stopping in Thunder Bay Ontario after starting in St. John’s Newfoundland.

According to the Terry Fox Foundation, from 2017 to 2020 approximately $70 million has been provided to 145 projects focusing on 17 different types of cancer: types such as blood, brain, and pediatric cancer. According to Betty Fox, Terry’s mother. “Terry understood cancer is so pervasive in society now and we need to do everything we can to find a cure. Not of just one type of cancer for all cancers.”

At Galaxy we spend 364 days supporting our customers with a portfolio of satellite services that are redundant and resilient to guarantee connectivity with a Service Level Agreement that is unbeatable by other vendors. Galaxy is the leader in OneWeb deployment in Canada. OneWeb a transformational satellite service with a latency that is a fraction of high orbiting satellites. In addition, our SMARTSite service that reduces operating costs to our customers but increases network and compliance reporting for companies that are publicly traded or need to focus on the cybersecurity protection of their environment.

On Sunday September 18, 2022 staff will finding a way to support Terry’s dream, but on Monday morning September 19, 2022, Galaxy will be ready to take your call or email to discuss how we can provide telecommunication services to your company. Galaxy can support the installation of services in downtown Calgary, in a remote location in Northern Alberta or multiple locations across Canada. We can support your SCADA network monitoring requirements and design a solution that provides a high level of cybersecurity that protects data in transit or at rest, whether that is through encryption or secure access to network devices.

In closing let me remind you of a Canadian and his goal for The Marathon of Hope. Terry wanted to “…set an example that will never be forgotten”. On September 18, 2022, we can all participate in our way and make sure he is never forgotten.


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