Canadian Royalties: A Case Study on Boosting Remote Connectivity

Aerial view of a remote mining complex in a tundra landscape with blue lakes and patches of snow.

Galaxy Broadband deployed its advanced OneWeb Low Earth Orbit (LEO) network to address critical communication gaps for Canadian Royalties, a mining company in remote Quebec. 

The new network replaced the company’s previous reliance on limited GEO satellite links, significantly increasing bandwidth from 20 Mbps to 200 Mbps. This technological shift not only enhanced operational efficiency but also had a profound impact on employee morale by enabling better personal communication options.

Involved Parties

About Galaxy Broadband

Galaxy Broadband serves leading enterprises in North America and beyond, specializing in high-quality remote communication solutions. They offer a range of technologies, from rapid-deploy satellite to wireless and fiber capabilities, designed to connect remote workforces efficiently. They are also the official partner of Eutelsat OneWeb to bring low Earth orbit satellite services to Canada and beyond, including remote areas like Nunavut.

About Canadian Royalties

Canadian Royalties is a private mining company operating in Nunavik, Quebec. The company employs over 1,000 people, including 600 direct employees and 400 subcontractors. They focus on copper and nickel mining and are firmly committed to equitable economic benefits through the Nunavik Nickel Agreement.

The Problem

Limited Connectivity Options

Canadian Royalties’ remote location in Quebec made traditional connectivity solutions like fiber and microwave unfeasible. The company had to rely on GEO satellite links, which were not only expensive but also provided limited bandwidth.

Operational Hurdles

The insufficient bandwidth hindered the company’s ability to roll out new applications and services, affecting overall operational efficiency.

Impact on Employee Morale

Workers at Canadian Royalties often spend 2-3 weeks away from home. The limited bandwidth made it difficult for them to connect with their families, leading to decreased employee morale and satisfaction. This was a significant concern for the company, as poor communication options were frequently cited in employee exit interviews.

Three workers in orange safety vests and helmets standing on a gravel path with a vast open landscape in the background under a clear blue sky.
Employees of Canadian Royalties standing in the tundra of Northern Quebec. Credit: Canadian Royalties.

The Solution

Choosing the Right Technology

Galaxy Broadband offered a game-changing solution with its OneWeb Low Earth Orbit (LEO) network. Designed to provide high-speed internet in hard-to-reach areas, this technology was an ideal fit for Canadian Royalties’ unique challenges.

Seamless Deployment

The implementation process was smooth, thanks to Galaxy Broadband’s expertise and 24/7 technical support. Their engineering team collaborated closely with Canadian Royalties to ensure seamless integration with existing systems.

Bandwidth Boost

One of the most immediate impacts was the significant increase in bandwidth—from a mere 20 Mbps to a robust 200 Mbps. This tenfold increase enabled a range of new possibilities for both operations and personal communications.

The Impact

Operational Efficiency

The bandwidth upgrade had an immediate positive effect on the company’s operations. With 200 Mbps at their disposal, Canadian Royalties could now roll out new applications and services previously hindered by limited bandwidth.

Enhanced Communication

The new network allowed for reliable VoIP audio and video calls, a significant upgrade from the shared public phones that were the previous norm. This improvement was not just a convenience; it was a game-changer for employees who spent weeks away from home.

Employee Retention

The enhanced communication capabilities led to a noticeable improvement in employee morale. Better connectivity options made it easier for workers to stay in touch with their families, addressing one of the critical issues cited in exit interviews.

Future Opportunities

With a reliable and scalable network in place, Canadian Royalties is now better positioned to explore new operational avenues and technologies, further leveraging the benefits of the OneWeb LEO network implemented by Galaxy Broadband.

A snowy scene at a remote work camp in Northern Quebec with two white Intellian OneWeb satellite antennas on a structure, lined by rows of rust-red shipping containers against a whiteout sky, indicating harsh winter conditions.
Remote work camp in Northern Quebec with two Intellian OneWeb satellite antennas provided by Galaxy Broadand. Credit: Canadian Royalties


The collaboration between Galaxy Broadband and Canadian Royalties is a compelling example of how the right technology can solve complex challenges. 

By implementing the OneWeb LEO network, Galaxy Broadband effectively transformed Canadian Royalties’ communication capabilities, boosting operational efficiency and significantly improving employee morale. 

This case study underscores Galaxy Broadband’s commitment to providing reliable, innovative, cost-effective solutions for businesses operating in challenging environments.

Elevate Your Connectivity with Galaxy Broadband

If your business faces similar challenges in remote connectivity, it’s time to explore what Galaxy Broadband can offer. 

With over 30 years of experience and a focus on customer-centric solutions, we are your go-to partner for overcoming communication barriers. Contact us today to learn how we can tailor our services to your needs.

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