Drive BC Case Study

Drive BC Case Study


Drive BC could not and a reliable remote service to connect their highway mountain camera system.


Galaxy’s fixed dish system supplies a reliable, inexpensive connection for video and data delivery.


Drive BC was able to provide expanded highway camera access to their website, as well as communication to the very remote mountain areas in order to protect travelers all year long.

British Columbia has some of the highest highway mountain passes in North America. Some of these passes reach over 5,800 feet (1,775 metres), grades up to 18% and annual snow falls of over 500 inches (1,300 cm). These driving conditions can be both unpredictable and dangerous for drivers 8-10 months of the year.

With the isolation of these mountain passes and a lack of cell or fibre coverage, the Ministry of Transportation turned to Galaxy Broadband Communications to find a proven internet system that is able to provide a view of highway conditions, traffic, and weather information at a glance. Galaxy provides a .74m system that sends a live snap shot of the road conditions every 15 minutes to the public via

Galaxy delivers this service in all regions of British Columbia from the Yukon Border, Pacic Ocean, and to the US border on our Ka and Ku satellite coverage. These systems handle extreme weather conditions ranging from heat, cold, rain and snow in BC.

Project Opportunity

Accidents, weather conditions and wildlife are factors which are constantly changing, so drivers have a need for real-time information when preparing for their travels in remote locations, mountain passes, ferry locations, ice roads, and highways. Galaxy is able to produce a reliable internet connection where there is inconsistent or no wireless, fibre or cell coverage. Contact your local branch of Highways and Transportation to inquire about opportunities.

Overview of system use by Drive BC mountain cameras:

  • Batteries: 680AH,AGM
  • SolarModules: 230W – 240W 24V
  • Charge controller: 3024i
  • Camera: Axis Q1755

Overview of Galaxy system and services:

  • 0.74m Ka-Band ODU
  • HN9260Modem
  • SkyDATA 1.0 standard service plan

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