Franklin Expedition Case Study

Franklin Expedition Case Study


Video streaming of the sunken HMS Erebus from Gjoa Haven, Nunavut to Ottawa, Ontario (3,000 km.)


Galaxy’s portable quick-deploy SCOUT satellite provides a dependable CBR (Committed Byte Rate) for video connectivity, which enables seamless broadcast from the remote site to the internet.


Successful underwater video stream of the sunken HMS Erebus, where the video was encoded through a hardware encoder, and then fed through the Galaxy SCOUT to the destination IP address.

Galaxy Broadband Communications provides Enterprise grade video, VoIP, and just about any other type of web surfing over their Ka, Ku, and C-band network in North America.

Internet video broadcasting consists of a continuous data stream, which requires dedicated bandwidth (also known as Committed Byte Rate) in order to experience this with a guaranteed voice and video quality. By guaranteed, Galaxy means a presentation that is crystal-clear, on time, and without jitter. The SCOUT via Galaxy’s SkyDATA network is able to uplink feeds up to 500Kbps.

For video feeds requirements above 500Kbps, Galaxy’s SkyCARRIER service is highly recommended as it provides the best means of ensuring consistent bandwidth delivery at all times for a video stream. Video feeds can scale as high as 5Mbps assuming the link budget requirements are met. Galaxy satellite modems and equipment employs built-in compression, QoS, and transmission acceleration technology to provide an internet connection that offers consistent service speed and dependability.

Galaxy does not recommend consumer-grade satellites for this purpose as they do not support video streaming with any degree of success. They simply do not offer the technology or service consistency required to stream video effectively.

Current Service Plan:

  • Speed: 5 Mbps download X 2.5 Mbps upload
  • Throughput: 200 GB download X 50 GB upload 800 Kbps CIR


  • 0.98m 2-watt SCOUT system

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