Galaxy’s GiiG: Complete All-In-One Site Solution

Galaxy’s SMU: Complete All-In-One Site Solution

GiiG – Galaxy Intelligent Internet Gateway

The GiiG (Galaxy Intelligent Internet Gateway) is a Galaxy Managed Service that offers Camp Providers and Remote Office locations the ability to control Internet costs on a per user basis. We provide you with a turnkey control service that enables us to provide QoS and individual access controls while maximizing individual user experience.

Manage hundreds of individual Internet user’s access with the Galaxy GiiG. Our per user control and usage helps regulate and manage overall costs while maximizing user experience. The Galaxy GiiG allows individuals to access a premium service for more demanding users willing to pay for it.

Key Features:

  • Content Filtering: Anti-virus, Anti-spam, and Anti-fishing
  • Local Deep Packet Inspection with “Layer 7” technology
  • Designated priority bandwidth access to a group of users
  • Easily expandable so you can adjust as your requirements change to cope with dynamic conditions of environments, demands, and users.
  • Highly customizable and user experience based
  • Enable GiiG to manage over users versus standard users
  • Local wireless controls included
  • Works with Satellite, wireless or terrestrial Internet access

GiiG – Key Features Cont’d:

  • Enterprise quality components like Cisco are used for added
  • Remote Network Monitored with proactive notification.
  • 7 x 24 end user technical support – we take the calls, not the
    camp manager.
  • Reporting capabilities.
  • Redundant components such as power supplies, hard drives
    and CPUs for added reliability in the field.

GiiG Benefits

  • Manage bandwidth consumption.
  • Control costs.
  • Predictable performance and access.
  • Control bandwidth distribution.
  • Deploy with confidence – we manage and monitor.
  • Premium on-demand service options for individual users
    without operator intervention – we manage it all!

Additional Solutions

  • Galaxy offers the Best VoIP service in the industry.
  • VoIP calling card programs.
  • We offer FoIP when you need full faxing capabilities.
  • Microwave backhauls

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