Mining Operation Challenges

Mining Operation Challenges

Setting the benchmark for satellite internet solutions for mining in Canada

What do the largest diamond mine and iron ore mine in Canada have in common? 

They depend on Galaxy Broadband’s satellite technology for their remote communications.

Prospecting & Exploration up to 50 Users

Perfectly suited for clients that move frequently in remote locations, our SCOUT quick deploy system is ideal for companies that require a rugged, easily transportable communications solution, complete with assembly and pointing instructions, wireless access points for WiFi, and a VoIP router with ATA.

Discovery & Advanced Exploration 50+ Users

Our Ka Band 1.2m satellite dishes enable our clients to have the reliability of remote communications that are critical to their operations success.

Development, Construction, Operation, and Production

Whether your project is small or large, temporary or permanent, office or camp, Galaxy provides the Gold standard in understanding your needs and delivering world-class solutions to your operations. Our SMU manages bandwidth consumption and costs on a “per user basis.” As your camp grows, we offer flexible and scalable bandwidth plans to meet your needs. Our new SKYCARRIER network provides speeds of up to 50MB down and 15MB up, as well as multiple VLANs for segregated routing and prioritization. Our SmartCamp is a turnkey solution that includes Internet, WiFi, VoIP and “Pay to Go,” where employees can purchase additional bandwidth online that is outside company time. Our VSAT dishes are fully scalable up to 1,000 users. We also offer a variety of PBX systems, WiFi and SCADA integration capability.

Business Continuity & Emergency Response

Do you have a disaster recovery plan at your company? Our Business Continuity and Emergency response plans start as low as $49.99 per month and offer you additional security to catastrophic events.

Reclamation / Closure

The mining industry is confronting a number of challenges today which includes: environmental concerns, rising costs, and increased regulation. Safety and regulatory concerns with mine reclamation and closures can be addressed by using Galaxy’s satellite solution that integrates with SCADA applications that can be remotely monitored.

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