SIRIUSMEDx Telemedicine Case Study

SIRIUSMEDx Telemedicine Case Study


The means of communicating information and depth of intervention in telemedicine may vary according to the quality and availability of modes of communication:
• Telephone only
• Encrypted e-mail or message consultations
• Securely transmit photos/videos / vital data
• Teleconsultation, either live or in asynchronous mode (as a backup) depending on the quality of the communication and the availability of the participants


Galaxy Communications tested their Ultra V-sat Ku band network using a 1.2m dish, 6-watt BUC, and UHP100 modem. This offered a high-speed, reliable, and stable quality network that can be dedicated to a clinic or telemedicine program’s needs.

Galaxy’s engineering team assisted with the application setup, IP addressing and network support that ensured a high-quality video experience for all parties.


Sirius was able to perform its full range of telemedicine services, conducting consultations between physicians and patients, and sharing real-time health-related information from one computer to another. They were able to do live video chat without interruptions, connect several people on the same discussion, and exchange messages and injury images. Moreover, they were able to ensure data security and integrity at all times, thereby ensuring the protection of patient confidentiality.

“Telemedicine has enabled us to dramatically increase the level of the medical care we make available to workers.”

Telemedicine is a powerful and cost-effective tool that renders remote health services accessible to workers in isolated areas by providing direct access to remote medical practitioners such as nurses, physicians, or specialists when a medical condition or injury occurs.

“Telemedicine has enabled us to dramatically increase the level of the medical care we make available to workers,” arms Dr. Marc Gosselin, Medical Director at SIRIUSMEDx. More than mere videoconferencing, telemedicine integrates complete medical and secure communications systems, allowing us to provide specialized medical support in areas where medical care is severely limited, if not outright inaccessible.

Dr. Gosselin explains that most complex health conditions arising on remote work sites cannot be adequately assessed and treated by first responders. Medical evaluation by SIRIUSMEDx physicians and the medical team through the telemedicine system can make all the difference. Minor and non-urgent conditions may be treated on-site, reducing patient discomfort, lost time, work disruptions, and costly evacuations. Serious and urgent conditions are identified quickly so critical care and rapid evacuation can be mobilized without delay. Projects of virtually any size can gain immediate access to medical expertise and a secure means of transmitting patient data.

With the help of Reacts, a rich, integrated collaborative telemedicine platform that enables secure communication and interaction, a physician can remotely assess a patient to make a diagnosis, propose treatment and suggest follow-up or a specific intervention.

Benefits of a telemedicine system

Telemedicine is an attractive option because it:
• Improves the safety and health of workers in isolated settings by making the expertise of a health professional accessible at all times.
• Allows the possibility of patient assessment support for a better and rapid evaluation and/or triage.
• Enables personnel to handle complex health problems on site, that would otherwise require evacuations for formal assessment, thus reducing the need for costly evacuation and decreasing work time losses.
• Oers rapid access to an emergency physician who will support on-site personnel in cases of more severe medical conditions.
• Can be adapted to all levels of on-site care (from the first responder to the nurse), making it both flexible and scalable.

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