Timberspan Case Study

Timberspan Case Study


Timberspan’s only communication option at their location was to pay a high price for new infrastructure and service that would take months to implement.


Galaxy’s fixed system on a small business plan for internet, email and security monitoring.


A reliable and secure internet connection that fit within their demands and budget and was deployed in a timely manner

Timberspan Wood Products is a speciality lumber mill in the Prince George area that specializes in Douglas Fir timbers. They have a total of 5 employees and produce custom timbers that are used all over the world. They have a global reach for their precise lumber.

They are located on the edge of Prince George city limits and border the Fraser River and are unable to get proper wireless or even fibre connection. The mill and the offices are on a 3-acre section of land that is in a lower elevation section close to the Fraser River.

Researching the options of fibre ($25,000) and wireless ($10,000) for their location, they decided to explore other options and contacted Galaxy.

“At first I tried to use a wireless hub and it did not work and I returned it the next day,” said Joe Cvenkel, President of Timberspan Wood Products. “Since we are in a low spot beside the river and in the BCR industrial region on the edge of the city limits, the coverage for cell, and internet is not great. I also started using another satellite internet provider but it was slow and unable to handle my security cameras. We even had their costliest small business package and it does not compare to the consistency and quality of Galaxy. When I would use it early in the morning and again late afternoon it barely operated. It was worse than dial up. For the same price with Galaxy I get a faster, more reliable internet that allows me to operate my business and sell and market our Douglas Fir lumber throughout the world.”

Timberspan Wood Products (www.timberspan.ca) is subscribed to Galaxy Broadband’s Small Business Package with a .74 Ka-band satellite system.

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