Why You Need to Manage the Internet Network in Your Camp

Why You Need to Manage the Internet Network in Your Camp

If you provide internet service to your camp and are tired of hearing complaints, galaxy® Broadband Communications Inc. has a solution for you.

Galaxy® Broadband’s SMU (SKYNET Management Unit) is a powerful device that is remotely managed and monitored by experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Full reporting on traffic use down to the application level is available to empower camp managers so they can identify cases of bandwidth abuse and set clear acceptable use and fair access policies for their workers.

The SMU can identify heavy users and ensure they are throttled and not manipulating the network to the detriment of all. Camp managers without proper network control can only solve the problem by purchasing additional bandwidth. However, adding more is only a temporary solution. Some applications like peer-to-peer will deliberately target all the available bandwidth. More bandwidth is not the answer, nor is it affordable.

Arriving at a fair access policy is the tricky part. Monitoring and management require a 24/7 approach with strong network devices constantly updated. galaxy® Broadband does this by deploying deep packet inspection devices on both the local area network (LAN) and the ramp to the Internet.

Providing reasonable and acceptable internet to your workers is a key requirement in maintaining good work morale and keeping your workers in camp. Television is regarded as an essential service and few would tolerate a channel that cuts in and out and performed poorly. With Galaxy Broadband’s SMU, camp managers will ensure that their workers have consistent enterprise-grade internet service whenever it is needed.

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