Mobile Commercial Network (MCN)

Industrial-Grade Portable Satellite Internet Connectivity Solutions in Canada

Introducing Galaxy’s Mobile Commercial Network: Elevate Your Connectivity Experience

Galaxy introduces Mobile Commercial Network (MCN), a dedicated service designed to provide businesses with a secure national mobile network. The launching of the OneWeb flat panels have played a crucial role in making this possible. Our network integrates OneWeb’s LEO satellite network, Static IPs, private network for enhanced security, and pooled bandwidth for cost-effective shared data. Galaxy’s MCN isn’t just about providing secure connectivity; it’s about ensuring uninterrupted business operations. In an ever-changing landscape, MCN ensures that your operations stay connected, allowing your business to thrive without interruptions.

Network Features: Seamless Solutions, Endless Value

Secure Connectivity with OneWeb

Enjoy secure national mobility with a dedicated network integrated with OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites. OneWeb’s superior network coverage ensures uninterrupted connectivity for your business, regardless of your operating location.

Our GalaxyOne bonded solution offers an enhanced method to combine LTE and Starlink with our OneWeb service. This ensures seamless ‘out of coverage’ failover and expanded capabilities

Advanced Support & Visibility

Galaxy’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) provides 24/7 support through our engineering and customer service teams. Our user-friendly customer portal allows Galaxy’s MCN to deliver real-time network statistics, empowering resellers and clients. Additionally, technical field support from NTFS adds an extra layer of reliability to your fleet’s connectivity.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Galaxy’s high-speed, low-latency, pooled bandwidth offers lower site costs to optimize your company’s scalability and reduces expenses while maintaining a high-quality mobile network.

Caters to Diverse Industries

Galaxy MCN is the preferred choice for a range of industries:

Rail Networks: Keeping your trains connected to ensure communication, safety, and monitoring stay resilient.
Public Transit: Ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for buses and transit services.
Maritime: Reliable communication solutions tailored for marine applications.
Fleet Management: Empowering fleets with advanced bonding solutions for LTE and LEO Satellite, enabling failover and expanded capabilities.

Seamless Sea Connectivity: Comms-on-the-Go Solutions for the Marine Industry

Embark on a voyage of uninterrupted connectivity with Galaxy Broadband’s cutting-edge flat panel solutions tailored for the maritime industry. Partnering with industry leaders like Intellian and Kymeta, we bring you the pinnacle of innovation and reliability on the high seas. Whether navigating near shore or deep waters, experience hassle-free connectivity with Galaxy Broadband’s portable satellite internet solutions, delivering reliability and performance even in the most challenging maritime conditions.

Kymeta Flat Panel Peregrine U8

Intellian Enterprise Flat Panel OW11FM

Intellian Enterprise Flat Panel OW11FM

Intellian Compact Flat Panel OW10HM

Intellian Compact Flat Panel OW10HM

Stay Connected Anywhere: Comms-on-the-Go Solutions for Land Mobility

Stay connected wherever the journey takes you with Galaxy Broadband’s innovative flat panel solutions tailored for land mobility applications. Partnering with industry leaders like Kymeta and Intellian, we deliver cutting-edge technology engineered to thrive in rugged environments and extreme weather conditions. Whether you’re in fleet management, rail transit, or other land transport sectors, our mobile satellite internet solutions ensure unparalleled performance and reliability, empowering your operations with seamless connectivity on the move.

Kymeta Flat Panel Hawk U8

Enterprise Flat Panel OW11FV

Enterprise Flat Panel OW11FV

Compact Flat Panel OW10HV

Compact Flat Panel OW10HV

Industries that benefit from Mobile Satellite connectivity

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Galaxy is a proud member of the Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA) in our dedication to enhancing satellite mobile innovation and development worldwide.

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Galaxy OneWeb Flyer

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