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In collaboration with Nokia’s carrier-grade Private 5G platform, Galaxy brings you robust, reliable, and secure low-latency connectivity, revolutionizing remote sites across Canada. Elevate your operations with our innovative cutting-edge technology designed for increased safety, efficiency, and productivity. Discover the power of Galaxy’s network solutions as we redefine the possibilities of seamless connectivity in the digital landscape.

Purpose-designed networks built for digitalization and beyond.

Nokia solutions for you

Automation & Innovation

Elevated digital capabilities across various industries.
Nokia mining

Autonomous Operations

Secured wireless network infrastructure for non-stop operations.

Gahcho Kué Mine Transformed: 5G Connectivity Redefines Efficiency

“Installation of the 5G network at Gahcho Kué Mine is an important step toward our goal of creating a connected workforce. This will enable us to connect equipment and mobile devices and bring real-time access to information and data wherever our team members are at the mine, from the bottom of the pit to the logistics laydown yard.”

– Alex Mackay, IM Manager
North America

Open Pit VS. Underground Mines

Two different environments, same network technologies.

Open Pit VS. Underground Mines

Monitor all mining operations in real time to respond quickly to critical events


Industrial location tracking and geofencing


IoT sensors monitor machines, vehicles, environment, and workers’ safety/health

360° situational awareness

Analytics for video feeds

Data connectivity from/to machinery, vehicles, staff and IoT sensors

Mission-critical Push-to-Talk and Push-to-Video communication

Industries that benefit from Private 5G connectivity

The Galaxy Difference

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Galaxy provides Canada’s leading enterprise customers with complete remote communication solutions. We work hard to understand our customer’s needs and engineer solutions to deliver the best Quality of Experience (QoE) to ensure we are meeting budgets and timelines.

Featured Articles

5G mobile signal Communication Mast (cell tower) Super fast data streaming concept. 3D illustration.

The Many Use Cases of Private 5G Networks

We are in an era where connectivity is paramount, and Canadian businesses are eyeing a new frontier: Private 5G networks.
Red-and-white base station actively transmitting 5G and LTE signals for internet and mobile communications.

Private 5G vs. Private LTE: What Canadian Businesses Should Opt For

As a decision-maker, you understand that staying connected is necessary in the rapidly changing business world. You know that every email, every video conference, and every data transfer plays a crucial role in your business’s success.
Male IT expert in Canada using a laptop to administer a data storage server for SCADA system control.

SCADA Systems in Canada: Exploring How They Work and Available Options

5G towers providing high-speed connectivity at Gahcho Kué Mine.

Case Study: Enhancing Mining Operations at Gahcho Kué Diamond Mine

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Galaxy Private 5G Sell Sheet

Galaxy Private 5G Sell Sheet

Galaxy Portfolio Service Offerings

Galaxy Portfolio Service Offerings

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