Enterprise Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Solutions in Canada

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Galaxy’s SKYVOICE is an integrated VoIP solution that delivers fully featured phone service including PBX options over Satellite, Fixed Wireless & Fibre networks. Galaxy uses QoS rules that prioritizes VoIP traffic and dedicates bandwidth per line for consistent phone calls using analog or digital phones.

How It Works

The SKYVOICE service will provide an Enterprise grade quality phone system with crystal clear calls and hassle-free operation. We can deliver just a few single lines, a trunk for pooled bandwidth for dozens of lines or a complete PBX system with POE phones to service a site for hundreds of workers. No one does Voice better than Galaxy!

Platform & Network Features

Your phone will call back the last number that called you whether you answer it or not.

Keeps redialing busy numbers and tells you when the line is free.

Lets you see the name and number of the person calling before you answer the phone.

Prevents your phone number from being displayed to the person receiving your call.

You can enter up to 8 telephone numbers – local or long distance – into your Speed Calling list. Then you can reach those people by dialing the location digit and a # sign.

Allows customer to program their calls to ring at another number. The phone will not ring while in a forwarded state. It can still be used to place outgoing calls.

Allows you to add a third person to the call when you are already talking with someone.

Lets you use your phone without missing other calls. A special tone alerts you that another person is calling; the person calling you hears normal ringing.

Personalized answering service built right into your telephone line. It allows you to receive and save messages, and then retrieve them from any touch-tone phone. With voicemail, you can even forward messages to someone else on the system!

Services We

Private Branch Exchange (Pbx)

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a private telephone network used within a company. Users of the PBX phone system share a number of outside lines for making external phone calls and local extensions for internal dialling. Galaxy has experience integrating PBX solutions across remote projects, all of which have been configured with Quality of Service (QoS), resulting in the highest quality voice calls over the satellite link. PBX are available in both physical and virtual forms and integrated seamlessly with Galaxy’s SMU appliance.

The Galaxy Difference

VoIP in Canada

Talk to us about your communication needs and we will deliver a high-performance solution on time, on budget, and with a guaranteed service level agreement.

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