When You’re Down, You’re Out of Business. Galaxy Provides Redundancy.

When You’re Down, You’re Out of Business. Galaxy Provides Redundancy.
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Have you ever been affected by fibre or cell outages? Do you have a reliable “backup” in case of such an emergency? Did you know there is a low cost reliable solution to such catastrophes?

Galaxy offers low cost business continuity solutions. Our redundancy plan for your company starts with our redundant network and our dual teleports that supply geographically diverse uplinks to our network and National MPLS multi-fiber network that is ready in case of a regional or national disaster.

Network Design

We also have a multiple satellite fleet that are frequency diverse with options of C Band, Ku Band, Ka Band for the largest bandwidth options available.

The system is also fully automated and monitored 24/7 through our Network Operations Center (NOC) and Managed Services, requiring no customer intervention. Galaxy’s redundant systems are the most cost effective solution when you need it the most, we offer failover multi-teleport options, as well as a simple portable solution to back-up your own communication systems. Galaxy links are also fully secured with network encryptions.

Galaxy has proven reliable redundancy in emergency services. Including Kelowna Airport in BC, Detour Gold Mine, and the Midland Texas Fire Department that uses our Sentinel dish for their back-up. Here’s what they have to say:

“The network serves at local, regional, and state levels during disasters. We need to access the network without auto-deploy equipment and I have been pleased with this solution.”

– Patrick Repman, District Fire Chief, Midland Texas Fire Department

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