Willy Battles Baffin Island Blizzards

Willy Battles Baffin Island Blizzards

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Over the last couple of weeks, our favourite travelling journeyman installation specialist, Willy, has been up north on Baffin Island installing multiple 4.5m satellite dishes.

His time up north started with digging all of their equipment out of a foot of snow, then reconstructing the pad for the first satellite.

The next step was constructing the 22ft by 22ft mount for the 4.5m dish, a long 14-hour process in the harsh cold. The next day, they were able to get the King Post for the dish up and prepped to start the construction of the reflector the next day. Even with the snow continuing to fall throughout the day.

After eight days of fixing up the pads and constructing the bases, the team started to build the first dish and completed it late last week.

Luckily to keep their spirits high through all of this, the crew had visitors in the form of friendly Arctic Foxes, even if “they posed a bit of a challenge during the construction,” according to Willy. “They are so curious of what we are doing you’ll be on the ground tightening bolts and they come right up to you. There’s one problem, they like to steal things… they grab our tools and bags of nuts and bolt and try an run off with them.”

But through several days of blizzard conditions, the second giant 4.5m dish is now live and transmitting!

Willy is always a great source of stories from the far corners of our massive country, and helps shed light on the people we help from afar. And it’s always a treat when he pops his head back into the office with his usual jumbo pack of Timbits!

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