Member of Galaxy’s Installation Team Dances With Wolves

Member of Galaxy’s Installation Team Dances With Wolves
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For over 25 years, Galaxy has been selling and installing their satellite solutions all over North America. One of their Journey men installation specialist is Will Colbourne. Willy has been working with and for Galaxy for over 10 years and is currently stationed out of our Edmonton branch. Willy has travelled to every province and territory in Canada with extensive trips to the Canadian Arctic. Here Willy has not only faced severe weather conditions of -60 C and over 120 Km winds but the most memorable are the encounters with the people and wild life.

“The two that really stick out were when I was in the Northern regions of Alberta. I was heading to one of our managed camps and as I traveled down the bush road I came across Alberta’s iconic Wild Horses. It was truly amazing and a privilege to have the opportunity to see these horses up close and personal.

The second occurrence was when I was at the 80th parallel in Eureka on Ellesmere Island, NU. I traveled to the upper ridge to work on the installation of our Satellite and P2P Backhaul when a large male Arctic Wolf (Approx 140lbs) came to see what I was doing. His curious nature and eagerness to explore brought him within meters of where I was working. At first it was very intimidating not knowing how he would react, but as I went about my day we both became more comfortable with each others presence. As early morning on day 2 rolled around, I headed back to the upper ridge to enjoy a coffee looking over the vast Arctic landscape. I heard the lone cry of an Arctic Wolf surprisingly close sending shivers down my spine. As I turned around he was standing about 100m behind me on the tundra. When someone says it’s truly breathtaking I now understand what they mean. After about 45 seconds I realized that I had stopped breathing. Knowing how large the tundra is, I never expected him to return. He slowly made his way back to the work site and laid down about 10m away watching me work and at times falling asleep. I enjoyed having him around and felt a bit of sadness when he left and never returned.

Not only is the wildlife incredible, but the people I have met over my travels have been absolutely amazing. They are always helpful and kind. From Coast to Coast there is nothing better then traveling Canada.”

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