WHITEPAPER: Starlink vs. Eutelsat OneWeb: Satellite Internet for Different Use-Cases in Canada

WHITEPAPER: Starlink vs. Eutelsat OneWeb: Satellite Internet for Different Use-Cases in Canada

In the Canadian satellite internet scene, the roles of Starlink, Eutelsat OneWeb, and Galaxy Broadband are increasingly significant. 

This post summarizes their offerings, impacts, and the integration of their services, as detailed in the related whitepaper.

Key Takeaways

  • Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite internet is a game changer for Canadian businesses, especially those in remote areas.
  • Starlink and Eutelsat OneWeb are two leading providers of satellite internet in Canada, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Starlink is better suited for residential consumers, while Eutelsat OneWeb is better suited for enterprises.
  • Companies like Galaxy Broadband are innovating by creating solutions that use both Eutelsat OneWeb AND Starlink
  • Galaxy Broadband’s GiiG (Galaxy Intelligent Internet Gateway) solution is a smart mix of what Eutelsat OneWeb and Starlink offer, giving businesses a reliable internet connection by combining the strengths of both services.
  • Eutelsat OneWeb’s direct network peering ability stands out as its key technical advantage, offering extended network capabilities surpassing those of Starlink and effectively allowing businesses to maintain secure, private network communications.

Starlink: Enhancing Rural Internet Access in Canada

Operated by SpaceX, Starlink is a key provider of LEO satellite internet services. With over 4,800 active satellites, its mission is to extend internet access throughout Canada, focusing on rural areas. The service is widely accessible nationwide, as detailed in the whitepaper, noting some regions on a waitlist.

Starlink’s expansion plan, involving the launch of up to 42,000 satellites, aims to improve connectivity in less densely populated areas. Known for its user-friendly setup and diverse speed plans, Starlink caters to residential and small business needs. With download speeds ranging from 100 to 300 Mbps and latency of 80 to 100 milliseconds, Starlink addresses the connectivity challenges in rural regions.

Eutelsat OneWeb: Enterprise-Centric Connectivity Solutions

Eutelsat OneWeb’s global mission focuses on providing high-speed internet connectivity, particularly for businesses. With a network of 634 satellites, it offers targeted connectivity solutions across various sectors, as the whitepaper elaborates. This enterprise-centric approach is evident in its tailored service offerings, including Committed Information Rate and dedicated bandwidth plans.

Eutelsat OneWeb offers speeds up to 150 Mbps with latency under 70 ms. Its services are enhanced by professional installation and dedicated 24/7 support, ensuring reliable and stable internet for business operations.

Galaxy Broadband: A Synergistic Integration

Galaxy Broadband plays a pivotal role in merging the services of Starlink and Eutelsat OneWeb through its GiiG Solution. This integration boosts reliability and offers tailored solutions for Canadian businesses. The whitepaper explains how Galaxy Broadband leverages Starlink’s accessibility and Eutelsat OneWeb’s enterprise services to create a robust connectivity solution.

A key feature of Galaxy Broadband’s service is its failover mechanism, which uses Starlink as a backup to Eutelsat OneWeb. This approach is vital in maintaining continuous internet connectivity, especially in remote sectors like mining.

Comparative Overview: Starlink vs. Eutelsat OneWeb

Starlink and Eutelsat OneWeb serve different market segments. Starlink focuses on residential and small businesses in rural areas, offering a range of speed options and a DIY installation. Eutelsat OneWeb, on the other hand, targets businesses and specialized sectors with customized solutions and professional support.

The distinct antenna technologies of Starlink and Eutelsat OneWeb cater to specific operational needs. Starlink uses Ka-band phased array antennas, while Eutelsat OneWeb employs Ku-band Dual dome and flat panel antennas. The whitepaper provides further insights into how these technologies impact service capabilities.

The partnership between Galaxy Broadband and Eutelsat OneWeb, including a $50 million deal, aims to extend LEO satellite services across Canada. This collaboration focuses on efficient deployment and performance, ensuring comprehensive coverage in remote regions.

Download The Full White Paper

The collaborative efforts of Starlink, Eutelsat OneWeb, and Galaxy Broadband are shaping a new era of satellite internet in Canada, offering diverse and reliable connectivity solutions. 

For a more comprehensive understanding of this dynamic sector and to explore the detailed nuances of these services, we encourage you to download the full whitepaper. Dive deeper into the topic and gain insights to help you navigate the evolving landscape of satellite internet in Canada.

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