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Galaxy will work to understand the requirements and develop a reliable and affordable solution using our Satellite, Fixed Wireless and Fibre networks that is customized to meet the highest demands for resilient and reliable communications.

From Oil and Gas drilling exploration to full production facilities, Galaxy delivers the connectivity that allows remote sites to communicate with their head office in an efficient and effective manner.

Upstream Solutions

Upstream Solution

Relevant Solutions For Your Oil & Gas Business

SmartSite delivers completely integrated communication and network solutions for remote and rural campuses, offices, and camps.
OneWeb LEO
Galaxy has a team of experts ready to address your connectivity concerns and show you a better way to access cloud applications with low-latency and high-throughput, in a safer more sustainable connection.
Fixed Wireless
Galaxy offers complete Point-2-Point Microwave services and uses an assortment of pop-up, fixed, and contracted towers.
Private 5G
In collaboration with Nokia’s carrier-grade Private 5G platform, Galaxy brings you robust, reliable, and secure low-latency connectivity, revolutionizing remote sites across Canada.
Back Up/Failover Solutions
Businesses today cannot afford to be offline for any period of time and suffer the losses and inconvenience that are a result of this.
Whether your company produces or delivers electricity, drinking water, or natural gas, Galaxy can provide you with high-speed broadband.
Voice Over IP
Galaxy’s SKYVOICE is an integrated VoIP solution that delivers fully featured phone service including PBX options over our satellite or P2P Wireless networks.
Fibre Network Design-Build Construction
Satellite GEO
The most expansive GEO satellite network in Canada

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Galaxy provides Canada’s leading enterprise customers with complete remote communication solutions. We work hard to understand our customer’s needs and engineer solutions to deliver the best Quality of Experience (QoE) to ensure we are meeting budgets and timelines.

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OneWeb LEO Satellite Technology

Connecting Remote Canadian Businesses with OneWeb LEO Satellite Technology

Relevant Sell Sheets

Galaxy Private 5G Sell Sheet

Galaxy Private 5G Sell Sheet

Galaxy OneWeb Flyer

Galaxy OneWeb Flyer

Galaxy SmartSite Sell Sheet

Galaxy SmartSite Sell Sheet

Galaxy Portfolio Service Offerings

Galaxy Portfolio Service Offerings

Talk to us about your Oil & Gas business’ remote communication needs and we will deliver a high-performance solution on time, on budget, and with a guaranteed service level agreement.

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